The time where I get to play Pintester for a while.

I have a bone to pick with the pinner who originally pinned this:


I know that I'm pretty much abnormal and such but when I pin something, I remember it and actually try it. I know, crazy idea.

So when I saw this pin, I was all, "Oh heck yes! I don't want to take time to butter my toast. And while I'm at it, my arm kind of hurts from scrolling through Pinterest in the first place, forget ANY type of flipping action, here."

So I documented my quest .

First, my ingredients.

Gettin' all cozy in the toaster and heck  yes, I'm gonna use shredded cheese,  peeps.

Cooking...Do you see something wrong with the picture?

No? Maybe now that there is a little more noticeable smoke coming out? 

You know how toasters "pop"?  Hoooney...kiiiiiiidds....dinner!

Just pick off the dog fur and dust then scrape off the cancer-charcoal and baby, you've got yourself a meal! I don't know about you, but I always take it personally when pins fail. I'm all, "You don't break me, Pinterest! I'm not defined by your socially accepted pins that people blindly pin without testing them!"

Then I go cry in the shower with the water pouring over my head because you just know that out there, somewhere, the Original Pinner is maniacally laughing, thinking, "Oh you've got them now, you sly dog, you. Just you wait, the repins will pour in and you can relish in the idea that hundreds of pinners will look like fools, FOOLS, for pinning an idea that didn't work."

Curse you, Original Pinner and original pinners everywhere that pin crappy things!


Sarah and David said...

hahaha this happens to me ALL the time! so annoying!

Elle said...

Omg, Jessica, this totally made my day. I could just picture the bread flying across the kitchen. hehe. =)

Juls said...

Bwahahaha!! I am sorry but I did laugh so hard I cried! If it makes you feel any better I would not have thought about the toast popping out! Oh man I am laughing as I type this! Thanks for brightening my day! Love ya and your craziness!!!

Sandra J. Strickler said...

I can just imagine the bread flying out! Now I have to go to my pinterest boards and make sure they actually work! lol

Shan said...

Not even sure how I found your blog last night, but I did and I laughed at your moving story (um, the one about moving... not that I wasn't totally touched or anything... you know?). I left the window open and went to bed. Just came back and realized you're just as funny when I'm not tired because I stayed up way to freaking late to get my me time, damn it!


So I hope you're still blogging, because I hope to continue reading your stuff.

nicole long said...

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