Flashback Friday: The Tale of My Batshiz Crazy Rabbit

When I was in kindergarten, we were learning about all the letters of the alphabet. On each day, we focused on a specific letter and if we wanted, we could bring a show-and-tell item that corresponding to the letter.

Well, lucky for my class, "R" day was coming up and I just so happened to have received a rabbit for my birthday.

You see, my birthday is on April 21st and my sister's is on the 22nd which was SUPER convenient for my parents because basically whatever they were planning on getting my sister for her birthday, I got the same thing. Oh don't worry that there was an 8 year gap between us. A rabbit that was an age-appropriate gift for a 12-year old, probably isn't for a 5-year old pet owner as I was.

Of course, I named the rabbit "Thumper" like any respectable 5-year old would do. Let's just say my creativity hadn't exactly bloomed yet, mmmkay?

Thumper was an awesome grey bunny but he was pretty much fudgin' crazy! Whenever we would hold him, he would rip into our arm-flesh and leave gashes. Okay, my 5-year old mind may have exaggerated that a bit but you catch my drift.

The brilliant resolution to this issue was to wear my thick winter coat whenever I held Thumper so that whenever he would go all Mrs. Poole on us, we wouldn't feel a thing.

So on the day that Thumper was to make his debut to my kindergarten class, I was super nervous. I was an unnaturally shy kid. If the teacher even looked at me with any hint of a stink eye, I would bawl. However, growing up with overactive tear ducts did teach me to hide and subside my emotions which explains my heartless demeanor. 

As we were finishing up a story, my dad walked into the classroom with a box that obviously contained Thumper. The thing is that you'd think "Hmm, rabbits are small = small box".

No. Oh, no! I had to have gotten my class from at least one of my parents and it's evident as to whom. My dad came in with the biggest mother freakin' box he could find. Yes, my 2 lb. rabbit was contained in a box that stretched his whole arm-length. 

As the teacher explained why a mysterious man was walking into a kindergarten class, holding a box, all you could hear was the frantic scratch of Thumper trying to find traction.

Shhrk shhhrk shhhrk!

I kid you not, it was like Thumper was going to burst through the box, all Alien's style, with fangs bared.

I knew the routine. I went to grab my protective 1980's puff-coat.

As I walk over to the coat rack, my teacher said, "Oh, Jessica...It's not time to go!"

Now, I know that I must have been a slow child, but just how slow was I? Did my teacher honestly think that I reasoned, "Welp, my dad just showed up with a rabbit in a box....See ya!"? I mean, c'mon lady. I wasn't that slow.

I awkwardly explained to her that in order to keep my arms beautiful so that I could one day marry, I had to wear a coat while holding Thumper.

Of course, my fellow classmates were thrilled to each take turns petting my batshiz crazy rabbit. This. This is quality education, people. You're welcome 'Mmerica.

After a while, Thumper went on to live the rest of his life on a peaceful farm. Oh you think he got killed? No, no. He actually went to a farm. Right, mom & dad?



DaNelle said...

HAHAHA, Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard right now Jessica! HAHAHA

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh too funny! Poor crazy Thumper.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Fun post! I had a bunny once named fluffy but he was very kind. Happy Saturday Sharefest.

kc said...

I got my first (can you guess where THAT is going??) when I was into my 20's and I named him Thumper too! And then along came Jemima! (to answer your question, YES.)

I got married at 33 & Thumper was still going strong and he & Jemima made lots more rabbits over the course of the next few years, most of whose names I've long forgotten.

But they were all so sweet...wonder why your Thumper was so crazy! Now our rooster (Freckles, if you must know) had some spurs on him that could (and would, and did) do some damage...

and in keeping with the imaginative names, Freckles' little rooster baby was named Speckles.

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Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

haha this is hilarious. I recently had a bunny and had to wear a long sleeves whenever I held it because she'd rip into my arm flesh too--- so smart of you to think of wearing a coat at such a young age!

I really hope Thumper went to live on a farm too--- my husband is the one who made arrangements for our bunny when we had to give it up, I never learned the precise details, but I like to imagine she's on a farm too. Maybe her and Thumper are friends :)