Sometimes I Make Stuff Up.

I love salads; good, rich, flavorful salads! But lets be real here, the dressing is a major component in just how good a salad tastes and I refuse to accept ranch as my only plausible option. Sure I could go with more vinegar and oil based dressings but ranch is where it's at!

It's not much of a surprise when I gained 3 pounds over these last couple of weeks (I didn't eat that much ranch, honestly! Okay , maybe I licked the bottle...clean...twice). After all, there was graduation, then the move, then my birthday, plus starting my internship. I relaxed a bit too much in terms of what I ate. I didn't do horrible (because I still stayed away from sugar and white flour) but I also didn't do good either.

But it's okay. When you fall off of the wagon, you get back on again! So in my attempt to jump back on, I want to stick to raw breakfast and lunch as much as possible which has brought me back to my summer favorite:

But then I get back to the whole salad dressing issue. To ranch (and add loads of fat) or to not ranch (and feel like a rabbit).

Well my dear friends, I want to show you my creation.

It's Greek yogurt ranch dressing. Now, using Greek yogurt as a base for salad dressing isn't a new concept but when I started to look for online recipes, they wanted me to add stuff like mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, and packages of ranch dressing dry mix. Huh?

Since when did you add mayo and cheese to a salad dressing that is supposed to be low fat?

So I made up my own. Yeah, you heard me right. This is what I did:
1- 12oz container of Greek yogurt (plain, of course)
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Apple cider vinegar (about a tbsp)
Lemon juice (about a tbsp)
Red onion
Dill weed

I honestly don't know the exact measurements because I just added, then tasted over and over again until it was how I liked it. In the end, I probably put about a couple of tablespoons of garlic and onion powder, a tablespoon of parsley, dill weed, and salt and a handful of very finely chopped onions.

How's that for simple? Just herbs, a little juice, and Greek yogurt and it was 100% a success. It even passed the husband test. 

First off, my husband doesn't even like veggies. I'm being totally serious when I say that his vegetable diet consists of corn and potatoes. Dead serious. Second, he rarely tries my super healthy food. He'll accept substitutes (like quinoa pasta instead of white flour pasta) but he just does not boogie with the idea of my made up health food.

So I dipped a carrot in the "ranch" and gave some to him to try. I told him that if he didn't like it, he could spit it out and stone me in the street. I really said those exact words and guess what he said?

Oh, I like it. It tastes good.

Indeed it was good and now I have yummy salads in jars waiting for me for tomorrow's lunch. I'm going to be the hottest intern at McCain.

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Tara said...

Oh! I bet you could add chives to it and it would taste more "ranchy". You can get fresh chives (even at hellish WALMART) in the produce section. They are just in little tiny, plastic packaging. Sounds good! I am going to have to try it.