I know that it has been too long since I've posted but I haven't even had time to shave my legs (not like I do anyway) let alone post on this blog. So I'll just have to give you the quick rundown.

1. First, let's start off with my run (OMG, LOL, BRB, JK)! But seriously, it was the most intense thing I have ever done in my life. In terms of greatest moments of my life, it would go: Wedding, Jack being born, and a tie for Graduation and this last race.

The feeling I had when I finished was like nothing I can describe. To set a goal that was really hard and then go out and get it....it was amazing. Part of me was I was just so excited I didn't shat myself while I was running. It was close for a while at mile 5.

I just ran 31.1 miles.

*p.s. Hopefully I will be having a tutorial up soon but it might be a fail instead. We shall see!

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Jenna said...

A tutorial to teach me how to run a half-marathon? (Haha, yeah right.)