Newton's 1st Law

Newton's first law states that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Today as I was preparing to run, I realized that this applies to working out as well. When we haven't worked out as much (AKA being a lazy @$$ *pointing fingers to me*) it's easy to just stay that way. It's easier to watch dumb YouTube videos on your couch eating tortilla chips than it is to get out there and work.

But when you have a habit of running (or cycling, or walking, or jazzercising) then it is easier to keep up with that habit. The habit becomes everyday life and when you don't get up and move, things

This morning was my first morning of stepping back into my running shoes and moving my butt. Talk about nerves! Before fall semester, I would say, "Lets go on an easy run. Four miles sound good?". Then life got more and more busy. I had Jack who was become more active and curious by the day making sure to examine every electrical socket we have and "help" me with the dishes by pulling the knives back out. Not to mention I was taking 15 credits of school plus managing an Etsy shop. Oh yeah, and lets not forget wifey responsibilities; groceries, cooking, cleaning, finances. Then the cherry to top off that semester; my tubal pregnancy. Yup, it would be easy to say that it was my hardest and worst semester of my entire college career.

As I stepped foot onto the track and starting running, something amazing happened. I felt free again and I felt myself again. I was back! Then something not so amazing happened when running started sucking more and more until I was basically crawling along the track begging people for water and relief in a British accent. Please, sir, I just want to rest my weary legs.

But as pathetic as I must have looked, I finished. I ran the 3 miles my training schedule told me to run. At least, I think I did. Our indoor track says that 5 1/2 laps=1 mile and after 10, I lost count. I kept going for probably about 4 or 5 more and then added 1 1/2 for added measure. Pretty close, either way.

What I noticed is that my muscles really do remember. Half of them were thanking me for remembering what they loved most. The other half seemed to scream "You son of a b*tch, why did you let it get this far?" I was able to run my 3 miles but it just took me longer to get to that runners high where you feel like you can go forever although I did get there.

I feel so great that I am on my way to one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. I am going to complete that race and get my awesome metal!

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Erin Anderson said...

You can definitely do hard things! I remember feeling that way after I ran my 5k. I started training for a half before christmas and took a break from running more then 4 miles because my knees where killing me. I am back at it again too. You are one step a head of me though because I am not signed up for one yet but I will =)Good luck, I look forward to hearing how it continues to go