Try it.

It's common knowledge that New Years resolutions are broken about 99% of the time.

One year, I actually KEPT my new years resolution. Yeah, I know.

For the entire year!

What was my resolution? To not eat any french fries. I didn't really like them anyway so I figured that I could resist easily. I was setting myself up for success.

This year, I have made a resolution after watching this video:
Seriously, watch it. It's only, like, 45 seconds. Sheesh....

I  am going to try something new that I have always wanted to, for 30 days. Simple in concept, right? Am I setting myself up for failure like the rest of the 99%?

Well, I'm already off to a good start. Last month, I wanted to try to go no-poo and guess what? I'm still not pooing! Sure my hair could be mistaken for an oil rig and I could probably provide third world countries with cooking oil, what with the amount that is produced from my scalp, but it will pass. I think. At least, that's what all of the no-pooers have said...right, guys?

Well this new year, I am starting off juice feasting. My goal is to try it for 30 days or until my (TMI) poop turns into infant baby poop. However, any length of time I do it, I'll be proud of myself. 

Why juice feasting? Well a few reasons...

1. To jump start my raw diet. I want to incorporate more raw food into my diet and this is a way to kick start that. Juice feasting is basically going to get rid of all of the toxins that I have put into my body in the 22+ years I've been eating solid foods. Then, I plan on following up with a mainly raw diet. I say "mainly" because I have a picky husband whom I have yet to brainwash into the thought process of what healthy food is.

2. Juice feasting gives your body the chance to heal itself. I've always believed that our bodies can do much more amazing things than we give it credit for. I'm always in awe at people who self-heal through positive thoughts and women who do natural childbirth. Since all I am putting into my body is incredibly nutrient dense juice, my digestive system doesn't have to work as hard to break it down and absorb it so it leads to healing in other parts of the body. It's kind of like if you have a babysitter, you can do 10x more errands throughout your day contrast to if you had to take your kiddos along with you every step of the way.

Seeing as women who have had an ectopic pregnancy are 10-25% more likely to have another ectopic pregnancy, I want my lady production system to be in tip-top shape. Seriously, by the end of my juice feast, my uterus, ovaries, and Fallopian tubes are going to be so healed, it will he holy.

3. While the juice feast isn't a weight loss program per se, it does aid a lot of people in weight loss. I admit, this is one of my goals in this juice feast but it isn't my #1 priority (hence, the #3 spot). I am planning on getting back into running since I am only taking 6 credits now and running will be a lot easier if I had more weight off of me. 

So if you want to follow this journey, I made a separate page that you can follow there. I want to try to update every day but we'll see. 


Ann Barlow said...

Where is your separate page?? Let the juice feast begin!

Erin Anderson said...

Awesome. I am trying to go more "granola" but the convincing of my husband is not going over so well either! I would love to know how his opinions are changing too as you go through this process. I have a friend who recently recommended a natural product to me for your female reproductive parts made by her master herbalist. All of the women in her family have taken it for years and it strengthens and tones your uterus and is really good for your reproductive parts! She had a cousin take it after trying to get pregnant for several years and has since had two children since being on it. I hope this isnt stepping over boundaries but I was wondering if your interested in it because of your ectopic pregnancy let me know and I will give you the information to the herbalist. I havent started taking it because I cant convince Ron yet but if I do I will let you know! Good luck with everything. I am excited to read about all of it