I like trying new things. Maybe that's a good thing because it makes me sound adventurous but in reality, I just get bored with the same thing day after day.

One time in high school I tried to cut my own bangs like Ashlee Simpson, circa 2004, as seen below in figure 1.1.
Figure 1.1
Take it from me, never cut your own hair when you are 16 years old. It was a disaster because it was way  too short. Thankfully I cut my bangs about an hour when we needed to go to a school choir event. No wonder people thought I was weird.

Another time, I tried to go an entire winter without shaving my legs. When other girls would complain, Oh my gosh, my leg hairs are SO long. Look how prickly they are! , I would roll my eyes and say,  Until you can feel your leg hairs moving from the blowing wind, as I can, you have nothin' me and my Sasquatch-like legs.

I would say that growing out my leg hairs was a success because it kept me warm and if I got unwanted advances, I would just sexily rub my leg on theirs. 

So what's my new adventure/boredom fling? No poo. As in no shampoo, not no pooping.

The other day, a random girl on a thread wrote how she decided to go no poo and that it was wonderful. Her hair was full of volume and felt all soft and shiz. She didn't use any product and it still looked awesome. She also went on saying how it was great because there was no harsh chemicals used and it helped the environment.

I didn't care about chemicals and environment ( I probably should, seeing as I am an Industrial Hygienist major). I just wanted great hair and wanted to save time and money on not using product. Plus, my childhood bestie, Mom, the Intern, had tried it out too. I had followed her journey of no-pooing so it wasn't a shocking, new idea.

So on Sunday I no-pooed and it was okay. It was a little weird to have no lather but I'm not a lather junkie anyway. Then, I was soon faced with a dilemma. The websites I looked at said "rinse with vinegar". Did that mean rinse with vinegar and then leave it in or rinse with vinegar and then rinse that out?

All the websites I looked at weren't specific so I decided to leave it in. My hair smelled like vinegar the rest of the day. Yeah....you're supposed to rinse it out. Also, one lady mentioned that she used diluted vinegar.

Um...We're supposed to dilute the vinegar?!

Nice to know before I BURN my hair off or something!

It has now been 3 weeks since I have used shampoo or conditioner and I can honestly say that I don't miss it. Although I am now in the "sleek" stage which is just a fancy way of saying that my hair is super greasy. I knew it was coming because of the breastfeeding-like relationship my scalp oils had with the stripping shampoos but I thought that perhaps I might be the lucky one and skip out on it. After all, it had been two weeks were my hair was great and I could still only wash my hair 1-2x a week. Now, I am at an every other day-er schedule but it won't be forever.

One thing I was so surprised about was the hold my hair has! I use no product in it (no gel, mousse, or hairspray) and my hair holds a curl like I was born with them. It's amazing! Also, I don't even straiten my hair anymore. I just blow it dry and for the most part, it lays how I want it and looks great for the rest of the day.

One downfall is that my hair has gotten a bit static-y. I'm thinking it's because I haven't gotten the vinegar dilution down to the right proportions yet but it may also be because my hair needs a little bit of conditioner.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the results and I'll try this for a bit longer just for fun.

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