It comes when you least expect it. It lurks in your corner, waiting to catch you off guard. It spreads and attacks just when you think your safe.

No I'm not talking about interactive dinner groups, I'm talking about:


Yup, we've got the toxic (which there is actually no such thing as toxic mold. It's a media hype), fuzzy, green monster under our bathroom sink. This isn't really surprising news since we've had a mysterious sink leak going on.

Hey, we contacted the apartment complex and they have yet to respond but knowing the sadistic nature of apartment complexes, we'll probably end up taking the bullet for this one. Why yes, I sabotage my sinks so that mold can grow. I like how it smells like musty shiz and the fact that I get to breathe in the spores daily not to mention baby Jack.

How fun!


Jenna said...

Ugh, that's scary! And you are right -- but while mold itself isn't toxic, it does produce toxins which become airborne and can cause sickness. Black mold, aka Stachybotrys is the most notorious. So it is important to have it properly taken care of, especially if there is more than 1 sq. foot of it. The things you learn when your dad is a claims adjuster for 20+ years!

Maynards said...

Mary has spots on her lungs from our appartment with mold in it. Beware!

sheri said...

Ack! Have you had this taken care of yet? I might be able to help you out a bit...my husband actually does this for a living (his company owns the patent for heat treatments for mold/termite/bed bug remediation and such..he does the inspections) and I happen to be an apartment manager :) (I'm SoCalMom2KK from Babycenter...clicked on your blog link)