Our Weekend(s).

We played in a cesspool of balls...

and then got bronchitis.

Having a good ol' time playing in the flour.

My kid knows how to spice a wedding up.
I'm afraid I don't have a baby anymore. This here's a bona  fide toddler; a crazy toddler that loves choo-choo trains, swinging on the park swings, learning new words, swimming, dogs of every kind, eating play-dough, and giving the best kisses. 

I miss this boy so much when I work and I can't wait to be home with him again.

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Becky said...

2 year olds are such a handful and so cute at the same time. I bet it is so hard to be away at work. Hang in there, if anything, you and Tyler will now understand each other better when the roles are reversed again.