Weight Update!


I admit that I obsess a bit over my scale. It has been my best investment ever and my worst. 

For a while now I have been plateauing at 144 lbs. I am happy that I am 1 lb lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight but at the same time, I know I can do better!

For a week it stayed the same. I would stand on the scale and think, "Move, c'mon you old sack of shiz, MOVE!" Finally I have broken the scale silence and it is has begun to move down again. YES! Today I weighed myself at: 142 lbs! Boo ya! 

Is it weird that I have lost 14 lbs but still feel the same? Is it weird that I'm STILL a size 9? One good thing is that I am a size M shirt now instead of a L or XL.I just can't wait until McCall because I am going to be one smoking hot gal wearing this:
Gold Coast Cinch Tankini Top 

Of course, I'll be incredibly tan as well.

Psh, yeah right. Forget that! I'll pass on skin cancer, thank you very much...

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Hi five girlfriend!