A plethora.

Some houses are infested with spiders. Some with termites and others with ants.

When Tyler and I first were married, we moved down to AZ for a bit. We found an apartment that fit our budget and it was plainly obvious why.

It was a studio apartment, as in our kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom were all connected and all one room. We were kickin' it like the pioneers except with gas heat, modern plumbing, and tile floors. However, much like the pioneers, we also had unwelcomed guests.

The first time I noticed him, I was getting up from my bed in the early morning and taking all the three steps it took to cross the room to go to the bathroom. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something flash. Something move. By the time I could really turn my head in the direction I thought I saw it, it was gone. I dismissed it as a combination of crusty morning eyes and Arizona sun playing tricks on me.

A few days went by and I didn't notice anything, that is, until one fateful day when I took a shower. I was mid-sudsing my hair up in the shower and when I turned around, there it was! A nasty, hairy, huge cockroach!

Now, I feel that when people tell cockroach stories, they tend to exaggerate. Especially when talking about these little guys:


Small guys that are no bigger than a paragraph in a book. Also known as a German Cockroach.

No, no, no, no, no...we didn't have those roaches. We had these roaches:

These mother f$%#& are hairy as shiz and as long as your finger. Yup those were our roommates.

I ran out of the bathroom and...well, I couldn't really run anywhere else because our apartment was so small but I did the heeby-jeeby dance for a while. In the buck. 

They came up through our drains and were often in our bathroom, kitchen, and any other dark place. Plus we got robbed when we were there so it goes without saying that I was so thankful to move out of that apartment. 

Since then we have lived in apartments that had scorpions, hobo spiders, carpet beetles, and ladybugs. That's right. That last one is legit. 

Our apartment that we live in now is crazy infested with ladybugs but you'll never hear me complain! We haven't had a single hobo spider and I think it's because of these little guys. I find at least one or two a day and they just chill on our window. I used to let Jack play with them but he rips off their legs and then I feel bad for the poor guys. Yesterday there were so many of them that I decided to collect them. I caught 10 in thirty minutes. 

Here they are, eating a raisin and sleeping. I thought they were all dead so I gently shook the jar. They're not dead, I'm just an @$$hole of an owner. 

They are kind of cute but I'm also afraid of them. Like, scream if they touch me, afraid of them but I'll take ladybugs any day over cockroaches, spiders, and scorpions. 

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Jenna said...

Oh Jessica. I totally remember sometimes we'd find ladybugs when we were kids and we'd be all like, "Oh how cute!" and then take off RUNNING and SCREAMING if they'd fluff their wings or crawl up our arm too far.

We have roaches at this house. They always come through my neighbor's side of the house. I think they have a dog that they never clean up after. Anyway, I got some of this Raid Max stuff at Wal-Mart and I only see about one a week in the summers now. Before it was like 1 or 2 a day and I seriously couldn't handle it.