Worst Interview Ever

Think of your worst interview ever. I bet mine is worse, if not, pretty close.

Back when I was in between high school and college, I had applied for a job at a chiropractors office as a secretary. The interview was going great but then the sly dog threw me a curve ball.

Now, the ladies in the office told me that I just HAD to ask all of the interviewers this questions so here it goes, if you were a bird, what kind of bird would you be and why?

Instantly my palms started to sweat, I could feel the blood rushing to my head, and panic started to slowly rise in me. This isn't one of the questions I had rehearsed. In a hot mess of a panic I told him a mockingbird. I then went to explain that it was because mockingbirds are always learning new songs and sing to their own tune.

Yeah right, that's what I should have said. Instead I rambled on about how they are annoying and copy others. It goes without saying that I didn't get the job.

As graduation looms nearer, there is one one, huge, gigantic obstacle left for me to overcome: an internship.

I was a little late on the get-go on finding an internship. I noticed this when all of my other classmates were already talking about the internships they had gotten for the summer. Whaaa? We're supposed to have those already? Apparently we were!

I didn't even pay attention in class because I was so anxious to get home and apply like crazy. I have applied to so many internships. Some in Colorado, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Idaho, Oregon, and Ohio.

So when I got an email back for an interview request from a company in Minnesota, I was scared at first. I don't know anything about Minnesota. Where is Minnesota?

It's right here.
Then I looked up the company and got so excited. The company refines oil into gasoline, jet fuel, benzene, and other fuels but also produces asphalt and fertilizer. How cool is that? 

Well, it's cool to me.

This morning was the interview and I was beyond nervous. I haven't interviewed for a job in probably 3 or 4 years. Visions of my terrible-no-good interview came back and I became so anxious. I didn't want to look like a freak, I wanted this internship so bad.  However, once I called, it was all cool. I talked as if I was talking to a friend and I felt so confident in the answers that I gave. In a week I'll know if they want a follow up interview which I may have to actually go to Minnesota to do that. Yikes, we'll tackle that when we cross that bridge.

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