I've Got The Moves Like Jagger

I've been pretty bad at getting out there this week. I have only run a total of 3 times this week and it should be 4x + cross training.

So today, no matter what, I was going to go running! I arrived at the track at about 10:30AM and there was a cross country meet going on. One of the runners requested that I run on the innermost lane since there was a race going on.  I didn't object. I love running on the inside lanes but I'm never fast enough to so here was my chance.

The goal for today's laps was 22. Yes, I had to count down each and every lap. The only problem was that I always lose count. Was that 12 or 13 laps left? I don't want to gyp myself out of my mileage so I give myself the benefit of the doubt and always go with the higher number. Today I lost count twice so I may have gone a little over.

Tyler came with me to the track today but got bored after 5 minutes. I told him to go home and pick me up at 11:45. It was 10:45 then and I had 12 laps to go. I severely overestimated how long it would take for me to finish. I was done at 11:10. So what's a runner to do when she's got an extra 30 minutes? Why, run some more of course!

I had already hit my 4 mile run but I didn't have my phone so I was stuck there. I ran an extra two miles just for kicks and giggles to make it a total of 6 miles more or less!


Another reason why I wanted to continue was because:

1. I had hit runners nirvana
2. I wanted to prove to myself that I didn't suck.
3. I had the time.
4. Sunday is a rest day so I could afford it.

I was elated when I finished. Just two weeks earlier, I had to fight to run 2 miles. I still rock! My sister-in-law, who I aspire to run like, told me that if I can run 10 miles, I can run a half which means that I only need to increase my mileage by 4 miles to reach that goal. It's so exciting to see results.

Speaking of results. My weight has been fluctuating. When we go on trips, it increases slightly but when I am home, it steadily goes down. When I returned from AZ, I was back up to 150lbs. How did that happen exactly?

Then, when I returned home, it wasn't really going down. What gives? I was juicing and eating pretty healthy. I decided to try to cut some avocado's out of my diet. For lunch I have been having either a wrap with a homemade whole wheat tortilla or Amy's organic soups (non-creamy). It worked!

I am going back down. I hope by the end of next week to hit 143lbs since I am about 145 right now. Sure I still eat avocado's and almonds and all of those fatty foods but I limit it to about 1/2 avocado a day. 

In other good news, I got an interview on Monday for an internship in Minnesota as an Industrial Hygienist and another one in Burley, ID as an occupational safety intern. I am just so excited that someone wants to interview me! Wish me luck!

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