Tyler and I have awesome fun on our weekends. It's like we are sans baby and as free as the wind blows.

And by "wind blows" I mean, me, researching furiously the full name of Kim B. Clark (Seriously, what is "Kim" short for and what does "B" stand for?! Does anybody even know this man?) and Tyler playing his x-box while we each try to conceal our silent-but-deadly aftermath of my homemade french fries.

This particular night, I decided that while Tyler was seriously engaged in his video game, I would pose a question.

"So, Tyler, what would you say if I wanted to get a hedgehog?"

"Seriously? A Hedgehog? Why......?"

"Because I saw one at McKee's a few weeks ago and I thought it looked SO cute!"

"Do you even know anything about hedgehogs?!"

"I'm sure they are just like gerbils but with spikes instead of fur and no tail...and a snout...and slightly bigger..."

Lie. All lies. What I REALLY want is a dog or a cat but since we really want an English Mastiff for a dog and our apartment wouldn't be all that accommodating for one, I would settle for an adorable shelter kitty looking for a good home.

But I know Tyler and he thinks that all dogs and all cats should be kept outside 99% of the time. I guess in Idaho that's the norm to keep your animals outside in below freezing temperatures and hey, what's an occasional cat frozen stuck to the deck every once and a while?

Where I come from, we would never think about putting our animals out in the wretched oven we call Arizona summers. Once our dog, Abby, was in heat and my mom got fed up of cleaning up after her bloody discharge so outside she went. I remember feeling so depressed that I was enjoying the cool, crisp feeling of air conditioning while Abby had to lay out in the scorching, hot sun while she was on her doggie period. Just thinking of the cramps, bloating, and PMS she was experiencing made me want to cry. Hey, I was 13 and didn't fully understand the reproductive tendencies of dogs.

So thanks to my gracious mercy and tenderheartedness, I convinced my mom to buy newborn diapers to put on our dog so she could stay indoors. Even though I was stuck with "changing" the dog's diaper, it was all worth it for my pooch I loved.

So I guess I'm just trying to fill my void of my love for animals. I have always loved animals and was glued to Animal Planet and yes, even though we have fish and I do love them (except the orange one, she's a b*tch to the other fish), my heart longs for more!

Don't worry, I know my own limits. This is why I have asked Tyler for only 4 cats for Christmas, just to start off the love for my inevitable pet family.

But in all seriousness, can someone try to convince my husband to let me have a cat for Christmas? Please?


Jenna said...

I remember Abby and her diapers! Haha.

I used to want a hedgehog. You have to watch this. I squeed hundreds of times.


Becky said...

I grew up in my family...and I STILL don't understandy why they think animals are ok outside in below freezing temps. ugh! Still makes me mad.

How about I give you a cat for Christmas. Then you can have a cat, and Tyler can't be mad at me forever because I am his sister. He would get used to it. Deep down, he really is an animal lover, I just know it. ;)

Juls said...

I don't know about 4 cats Jessica! That is crazy. I think that is where we are completely different I am not much of an animal person. I like looking at them from a distance. No I really don't mind some pets it is just the smell and hair they leave. There is a lady I visit teach and I cannot breath in her house, thank goodness I am not pregnant for that reason. I do like cats, however, I don't want to get one until we have a garage. Good luck with getting your cats!