Why We Decided To Give Our Dog Up For Adoption

I feel you, Johanna. I feel you! (+10 pts if you know where this is from which is totally an easy question so more like .10 pts)

This week, we had to make a very sad and hard choice. You see, we are currently homeless, insuranceless, and unemployed. Because Tyler's family doesn't want to watch us slowly deteriorate until we are eating our own feces, they graciously allowed us to live with them.

Let me tell you, living with in-laws is something else. Actually, I'm not going to say it's horrible because, really, I have the best in-laws and I'm not just saying that because my mother-in-law reads this blog. I think all of the people who got stuck with horrible in laws is because all of their niceness was absorbed by my my in-laws.

But there were some issues, nevertheless, and it was about our dog. 

We got Johanna 3 months ago and fell in love with her awesomeness but our neighbors that have sticks up their bum-bums were prejudiced towards her. We were all, "Guys, give her a chance! She only looks like she is going to rip you to bits". Then they were all, "No, she's huge and is probably illegal, on government assistance, and is the vicar of the anti-christ which, as you know, is Obama."

Yeah, it didn't make sense to me either but when they are threatening that she may or may not get "lead poisoning", this shiz just got real!

So we decided to put her up for adoption on Craigslist because, well, we liked her but we just didn't love her. Plus, I'll admit, we couldn't afford her anymore and I'm not going to apologize for that fact because, really, no one plans unemployment and when it comes down to my first-born son that is literally a piece of me or...a dog, I'm going with my kid. Call me a meat-eating, animal cruelty-lover, irresponsible person but I'm letting my true colors fly.

We instantly got a bajillion calls on her which made us feel better. There was a long line of people that would really love her and could provide her with a safer environment.

It was bittersweet handing her over to her new owners and on the drive home, Tyler and I had this conversation:

Tyler: Well...I think she is going to a good home.

Me: Yeah, those people are totally dog lovers, you can tell.

T: Awwww................they looked so white-trash.

J: Yeah, they did....but they are the kind of people that Johanna needs. They'll probably let her sleep in their bed.

T: Then they'll figure it out that she's in heat and we didn't tell them....

J: Yeah when they wake up with doggie-heat mess in their hair. I sure hope their other dog is neutered or they are going to have some ugly pit bull/Johanna puppies.

T: I bet they smoke. Aw, Johanna's lungs! She's going to get cancer.

J: ...And she'll probably get fat because they'll feed her table scraps.

T: And they probably yell a lot and wear tank tops that are 2 sizes too small.

J: Yeah....but, It's better this way, right?

T: Yes, they really wanted her.

Is it weird that I feel so shizzy about giving away a dog? It's not like I gave her to a dog-eating tribe or a research lab where they would test the effects of electricity on dogs. 

Am I the only one that feels guilty over dumb stuff?

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Becky said...

We have had to give up two dogs, and both times it was hard, and I felt guilty forever. You did the right thing though. You guys are good pet owners, it was just timing.