Save the Date! (or don't, whatever, I'm a post title, not your mother)

Hey all you's out there, I'm posting about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so listen up!

My friend, Kate, is hosting an awesome photo party. Never heard of one before? Good, that just means that your friends and family have probably never heard of it either which makes you, like, totally hipster when you explain to their super-mainstream lives what it is.

Basically you get to go to a party where there are door prizes like shirts, gift certificates, and free prints. Then party with some fun people (seriously, Kate is a crack-up). I'm sure there will be awesomely great food there too (but if there isn't, then relax, you greedy little smooch...)

Oh and did I mention that THE Kate Mower herself is going to be taking pictures of you (in a totally non-creepy way)? Later, she'll tag the photos on FB where you can make it your profile picture! It's a total must because, let's be real, we all have some ex's we would like to shove it back in their faces when they facebook stalk us.

It's only $5 to get in too! C'mon, you'd drop $5 on a Filiberto's steak burrito like it's nuthin' only THIS $5 you spend won't give you indegestion and bloat. Instead you'll get a super sexified profile picture, maybe some prizes, and new friends!

Plus Kate is really talented. She took Jack's newborn pictures for us and they were super cute. Check it out:


Awwwww! Don't those pictures just make you want to get your egg fertilized? Okay, maybe that's just me...

So don't be a Debbie Downer and not go just because you may not know someone there. Just go and be sponateous and you'll have fun!

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