I'm not that great at keeping time. In fact, when I was writing this post, it was 11:27PM here. I'm crossing my fingers that baby Jack will sleep in until 8:30AM. Oh and I'm also sure that my 30-day vegetarianism quest is up so I am here to report.

When I first decided to try vegetarianism, I was really surprised at how much meat I really did eat. Even though I was never really a fan of bacon or sausage in the morning, I could still easily eat a tuna or lunch meat sandwich for lunch and then a meat entree for dinner.

Going completely cold tofurky on being a carnivore was difficult but it wasn't impossible. In fact, I didn't even have to change my diet all that much. All I did was make my normal meals except I cut the meat in half and let my husband eat that while I filled up on more veggies.

Going out to eat is basically non-existent when being a vegetarian. When was the last time you saw a veggie burger at Wendy's or Jack-in-the-Box? You might be able to find some vegetarian friendly meals at places like Applebee's, Chile's, or Olive Garden but it is usually only limited to 1 meal so if you aren't in the mood for yet another black bean burger, you're SOL.

But here are the things that I did notice from my new temporary lifestyle.

Poops. I became so regular that basically everyday between 9:00AM-9:30AM, I was guaranteed to be using the bathroom. It actually made sense. Meat is hard for my body to digest which reeks havoc on my digestive system. Really, the amount I put in should be relatively equal to the amount that comes out.

I feel better
. I noticed that as I started to fill up more on veggies and whole grains, I started to feel better. It was like my body was totally in love and I started to feel much more positive. Have you ever thought about how you feel after going out to eat? You feel like crap because you know that you just put crappy food into your system and heck YES it tastes good, but I think I like the positive and light feeling of eating healthy over the negative and dumpy feeling of eating poorly.

I am hungry more often. The fruits, veggies, and whole grains moved through me a lot quicker and so I would be hungry again a few hours after dinner. This is where I tell you that I filled up on nuts and fruits but I have a weakness and that weakness is called Nutella.


Lately I have been eating meat again. It's no wonder I feel depressed, dumpy, and my runs have been extremely more difficult. Also, to Tyler's dismay, I have also been *ahem* filled with air that sometimes results in poots. So I've decided that everything is okay in moderation which to me, means eating meat maybe once a month. So I guess I'm a Flexatarian and I think I'll try it for another month...and then maybe another...and another...


Jenna said...

Yeah, some meat is good! You really should read "In Defense of Food;" it talks a lot about that. It also defends vegetarianism, too. And you know, many vegetarians allow themselves to eat fish, so that's an option!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Youre so awesome!! I totally admire you tring new things because it is NOT easy to change! But i say that if you feel good and your healthy than do what you like!!! :)

Barbara - The Tattooed Housewife said...

Just wanted to let you know, that you won the giveaway! Please email at TheTattooedHousewife@gmail.com!!!

Maynards said...

Hooray for you. I am glad that you have added meat once more. I don't believe in a diet that excludes any food group. Just moderation. But thats just me.
Hope your poots are less frequent. hehehe